Source One Systems

  • Paul Cusano CPA
  • Dana R. Halpin
  • Kristen R. Glickert CPA
  • Melissa Wike
  • Matthew P. Cusano
  • Karen Cusano
  • Paul CusanoDana HalpinKristen Glickert
  •              Paul Cusano                                       Dana Halpin                                  Kristen Glickert

Source One Systems has specialized in provided business technology solutions for over 25 years. We have intentionally chosen to specialize in Sage Software’s SAGE100ERP product family. Our focus has always been to provide a complete solution to meet the business management needs of our clients. We are driven by providing end users with a product that will fit their needs and processes and combined it with the professionalism of the CPA profession to build a relationships and detailed understanding of our client’s management processes at all levels of the sales and purchase cycles. Trust and accountability is at the core of all installations. With over 40 years combined experience using the most cutting edge technology the support and service we provide is unparalleled. Our focus is gaining an understanding our clients needs and applying our expertise to assist in fulfilling those needs. We will not sacrifice our client’s needs at the expense of profitability or responsiveness. Finally it is vitally important that the software fit the client’s needs and not the client’s needs suffer at the hands of software or technology restraints. We painstakingly will pursue options when specific needs arise. We start with the assumption that there is a solution for issue that will arise.  We believe you will not be purchasing an accounting software solution but a relationship that will be crucial in implementing whatever solution you choose.